My love of writing (and ability to rock a hat) appeared early, well before I had anyone weighing in with their opinions. 
Or a "guru," "expert," or "ninja" whatever
My best friend Wendy and I have known each other forever.* That hair, those boots, that wacky pose up a tree the photographer suggested…yes, my friend,…
This happy photo was taken during a wonderful trip to Sicily Greetings, my coruscant friends! And Happy 4th of July to my readers in the states! This f…
What was your favorite subject in school?* That seemingly innocuous question can be quite telling. (Which is why I like asking it of my new clients. 😉…
"Please give me unsolicited advice," said no one ever.
But you can use that to your advantage
No thanks, I'm protecting my time
Said no spelling bee judge ever
I'm picking up what you're putting out, even if you don't think I am
Ever feel kinda... meh?
The more awkward, the better