You're so predictable

(That's a compliment)

I really do love my Peet’s Coffee almond milk lattes with steamed cinnamon, and I’m still patiently waiting on that endorsement deal. 😉

This morning I went to my local Peet's Coffee and ordered the same drink I order every morning: a medium almond milk latte with cinnamon steamed into the milk.*

Except I really didn't have to.

You see, I order it with such frequency that the crew already knows my drink before I say a word. They even have their own shorthand for my drink: it's "The Amy."

I'm what some might call predictable in that regard. And I'm okay with that, despite public opinion.

Because lately, being predictable has gotten a bad rap.

Everyone is clamoring to be disruptive and innovative. Next-gen. Change agents. Architects of chaos.

And that's great.

But to thrive and grow, even the most disruptive people, brands, and companies must continue to be...disruptive.

Said another way, they need to be predictable.

What I mean is that actively stirring the pot one day and then being risk-averse the next leads to confusion...

...about your values.

...about your distinct offering.

...about who you are.

And as you’ve heard from me before, if you confuse them, you’ll lose them.

With people, brands, and companies, what you see is what you get, or at least it should be.

Own who you are (and steer clear of who you aren't). Demonstrate every day why that matters. Be crystal clear on your point of view, your voice, your values.

Be so true to who you are that people instinctively know it's you before you say a word.

In other words, be predictable.

(In all the best ways.)

And for those of you who are still bristling at the thought of being predictable, maybe it would help to think of one of its underrated synonyms: consistent.

Though everyone seems to be searching for the latest growth hack or a shortcut to take their business to the next level, the most successful and admired leaders know that doing the work and showing up, even when they don’t feel like it, is the key.

In my latest Forbes article, I share four ways consistency will propel your career.

Here’s to being predictable, my coruscant friends.

Shine on,


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*Ordering and picking up “The Amy” is part of my morning routine and typically the last thing I do before sitting down at my laptop to start writing. But those coffee runs wouldn’t be the same without my trusted co-pilot Rigby, who still jumps into my car daily to enjoy the ride.