Not feelin' it

Ever feel kinda... meh?

It’s not often that it happens, but every once in a while, this glowing ball of happiness feels uninspired.

Maybe you can relate?

Sometimes, that meh feeling manifests itself as lethargy; other times, I feel antsy and impatient, rushing about.

(Which brings with it other problems, like dropping your AirPods into the pool.* D’oh! Do not recommend.)

During these cycles, I have a hard time focusing, my mind wanders, and my dreams—that is, when I actually get to sleep—take the express bus to Crazy Town.

(Seriously, I wish I could plug into my brain and download the vivid drama thriller series my subconscious whips up. Guess watching the MasterClasses of Dan Brown, David Baldacci, and Shonda Rhimes is sinking in—not necessarily a bad thing.)

I’ve learned that for me, it’s usually a sign that something needs to give. Or that my “nah, I don’t wanna” attitude means that I’ve outgrown the current “season” I’m in, and the universe is nudging me (okay, smacking me upside the head a la Cher in “Moonstruck”) to challenge myself and level up. (Read: with a new creative project or, more accurately, resurrecting an old one I put aside.)

This shift of seasons happens throughout our lives and definitely in our careers (said with authority by the woman with the non-linear career path).

Trust me: just because you’ve always been or done one thing doesn’t mean you can’t evolve and grow into a new role, industry, or profession.

Besides, last year taught us that anything can happen (okay, we get it—can we switch to only the good stuff now?), so why not take this opportunity to begin a new "career season?" Here’s how to get started:

First, reflect on your current and past seasons.

When you examine past seasons, patterns and preferences will emerge. You’ll realize what transferable skills were consistently in demand and when you felt most alive. These are all clues that point to what your next career season should include.

Next, determine how your new career season will serve you and others.

Listen to what your clients, customers, and colleagues are talking about—what do they need, and what are they struggling with? Ask yourself how you can align your skillset, experience, and desires with current demand. Putting your talents to their highest and best use will help you feel fulfilled—and provide value to others.

Finally, craft a story that supports your new career season.

Be ruthless about paring down your messaging to support your destiny, not your history. Find a common thread that weaves together your experience and aligns and supports your new offering and positioning. Remember, it’s not about you; it’s about making it easy for potential employers and clients to understand how you can help and solve their problems.

Need more reassurance?

It’s at times like these that I remind myself of these nine words of wisdom:

If I’m tired of feeling the same way, I have the power to turn that around.

And so do you.

Nothing will change unless we first change. And that change comes from taking action and challenging yourself.

And hey, if you’re still feeling meh after that pep talk, I gotchu.

In my latest Forbes articleI share 13 ways to find inspiration and get unstuck.

Here’s to getting our collective mojo back, my coruscant friends!

Shine on,


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*Don’t worry, this is a story with a happy ending. Shockingly, the AirPods survived the plunge. Granted, I fished them out of their watery grave lickety-split and did my best to dry them out with a beach towel and sunshine, but I was certain they were goners. To my delight, after their sunbathing sesh, they worked just fine. (Though I still worry that I’ll be in the middle of a client call and suddenly get zinged! So far, so good.)