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Awesome Message, Amy!! But honestly, when are they NOT awesome?!! ❤

First: I love how you labeled these as ways to "Foster Human Connection," something you're certainly not going to be able to do with #1 (Negative) and #2 (Closed-Minded). Fostering Human Connection means reversing those two (#1 = Positive / #2 = Open-Minded). 🌎

Second: You made a VERY GOOD POINT that people often struggle with—"Listen To UNDERSTAND, Not RESPOND." Too many people do the exact opposite (Listen To RESPOND, Not UNDERSTAND). As I've been learning in Interpersonal Communications, too often, when people want to rant, rave, and get things off their chest and heart, they just want someone to GIVE THEM AN EAR—to LISTEN. That's where EMPATHY comes in. Often, saying TOO MANY THINGS (Responding, NOT Understanding) can actually make things worse!! 🔊

Thank you, Ma'am! 🤗

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Thanks for the insights! <3

P.S. I’m glad your coffee and connection routine is back on track.

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